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Oops sorry!

Sorry...i just read the rules and found out that ur not supposed to put pix on without a cut. slight problemo...i have not a foggy how to do a cut. Can do piccie but not a cut. Can someone plz tell me how! Thanks! x x x
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use this method:

[lj-cut text= "blah blah"] <------this will start the cutting

~*~*~*~~Any pix here you want~*~*~**~

[/lj-cut] <-----this will stop the cutting

Replace the "[ ]" with "< >"

Also go here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

Hope that helps

Omg!!!!! thank u!!!! also i luv ur icon!
You're Welcome!! And thank you! I made it myself.

Hey, I use that same icon (the tink finding Peter one) my blurty journal!!! I wanna say small world, but hey, this is Neverland world. Coinsidences (sp) are bound to happen!!
Lol....great minds think alike obv!! I have no idea how to make kl moving icons like that...so i resort to the low levels of pinching other peoples! ach well....:P PS: do u know HOW many times i have tried searching for Jerry avatars...phew...there's not that many out there! SOB!!
yeah its ok if the pics dont mess up the posts itf it makes the entries wider than i delete it
Thank you! x x x